Have you ever wondered how to start a business in Florida?
Or how to start an LLC (Limited Liability Company)?
Incorporating your new or existing business does not have to be hard!

With NewCorp Setup, opening a business in Florida has never been so simple. Working with NewCorp means you will set up your business the right way and avoid costly mistakes. Many online vendors offer cheap prices but don’t include the documents you are going to need to run your business.

Work with a real accounting professional with 30 years of experience to avoid tax consequences. Along with getting incorporated, NewCorp Setup also offers a 1 hour consultation to get you and your business on the right track. This detailed and personal consultation service does not exist anywhere else!

So what can you expect when you use our services?

Why NewCorp is different:

  • HONEST, COMPLETE business setup packages with all documents needed to start your business. INCLUDED IN FEE
  • Verify the company name requested with State of Florida Division of Corporations to make sure name is available. INCLUDED IN FEE
  • File electronic Articles of Incorporation/Article of Organization (for LLC). INCLUDED IN FEE
  • Apply for Federal Employer Identification Number. INCLUDED IN FEE
  • Complete Form 2553 Application for S Election for the type of business entity if applicable. INCLUDED IN FEE
  • Additional consultation connected with new corporation/LLC if necessary. INCLUDED IN FEE


Plus State fees

Are you ready?

Now select the business entity you want to form:

S Corporation

Avoid “double taxation” of corporate income and shareholder dividends with this federal tax status.

  • Limited liability protection
  • Pass-through taxation
  • Professional credibility

C Corporation

The most common type of corporation in the U.S.

  • Limited liability for directors, officers, shareholders, and employees
  • Enhanced credibility and certain tax advantages
  • Unlimited growth through the sale of stock and perpetual existence

Limited Liability Company

More commonly known as LLC, it is the most popular entity type for small businesses.

  • Limited personal liability for owners
  • Pass-through taxation
  • Unlimited number of members

Nonprofit Corporation

Ideal for organizations involved in educational, scientific, religious, or charitable endeavors.

  • Possible exemption from certain property, federal, and state taxes
  • Official nonprofit status to attract potential donors
  • Donations to the nonprofit corporation may be tax-deductible

Ask Our Experts

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An Employee Identification Number (EIN) is included with every package — a $100 value!

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